Healthymagination is GE’s commitment to invest in innovations that bring better health to more people.

Our goal is to make measureable progress in increasing affordability, improving quality and increasing access to healthcare around the world.

  1. Access
  2. Affordability
  3. Quality
GE Healthcare healthymagination - Access to care.


Bringing better health to more people is at the heart of healthymagination.

Limited access to quality care affects health systems and patients everywhere — from rural areas in under-developed countries that may lack basic services, to prohibitive costs for much needed research technologies. Through healthymagination, we are targeting both ends of this spectrum to meet the needs of patients and caregivers, wherever they may be.

GE Healthcare healthymagination - Affordability of care.


The single biggest challenge facing healthcare professionals around the world: affordability.

Through healthymagination we are committed to addressing this challenge with technologies that simplify complex procedures. With innovations that make care delivery more efficient. With systems that help manage — or better yet, prevent — chronic diseases before they become costly to treat.

GE Healthcare healthymagination - Quality of care.


Caregivers strive for constant improvement in the quality of outcomes they deliver.

Our focus with healthymagination is aligned with this aspiration. Whether that means better image quality from diagnostic imaging systems, breakthroughs in treatment monitoring technologies or innovative new procedures for reducing the need for invasive procedures, we remain committed to helping caregivers deliver outstanding care quality.